Adventure Club Before and After-School Program With Winter, Spring, and Summer A.N.T.S. Camp


after-school program


The Village Early Learning Center offers an exceptional after-school program that combines guidance and security with independent exploration in the areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). We offer a wide variety of activities:

* Homework & Study Assistance
* Field Trips, Games & Community Projects
* Arts, Crafts & Dramatic Play
* Social Interaction & teamwork
* Outdoor & Recreational Activities
* Low student-to-coach ratios, and lots of personal attention

Our school age program focuses on the unique needs of children ages 5-11. Children are encouraged to be independent, self-starters who can “make good choices.” Empathy and respect for others is taught through anti-bullying themes and role playing. Character building curriculum helps them grow as responsible students and citizens.

We have before and after-school program transportation from the following schools:

* Alafia
* Brooker
* Cimino
* Valrico Lake Academy

During the Summer months, The Village offers fun and educational Summer day camp (A.N.T.S. Camp!) with flexible hours, caring coaches, and the best Coach-to-Camper ratio around!

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If you would like more information about The Adventure Club Before and After-School programs and the A.N.T.S. Summer program, please contact us.