Reggio Philosophy at The Village ELC

Reggio Emilia is a philosophy of teaching and learning that developed in Italy after World War II. Seeing the destruction and devastation that had occurred in their city, the citizens decided that they wanted to create a peaceful, beautiful, and effective learning environment for their children; an environment where children could engage in meaningful



It’s time to Meet The Teacher!

VPK students in the 8:45-11:45, 12:00-3:00, and 8:00-2:00 programs will meet their teacher at a special event on Wednesday, August 9. Please call Tami Howell at 813-651-0779 if you have not yet received your child’s teacher assignment.

10:00 am – VPK EF – Mrs. Navarro and Mrs. Beamer
11:15 am – VPK G and H – Mrs. Garrigues, Ms. Garcia, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Henry